Board Exams 2021 Still an Uncertainty: Tips for Students to Deal with the Anxiety

Board exams for classes 10 and 12 hold great importance in the lives of students in India. They are stepping stones to their future. 2020 has created history! The pandemic has forced all to stay at home, making students of Class 10 and 12 of this year the first batch who have had to master the skill of learning online and preparing to take exams online while keeping their focus intact on the syllabus. Not to forget the uncertainty of the dates of when, and if, the exams will happen. The CBSE and the CISCE have not yet announced the exam schedule and February is when the Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) will hold the exams. Added to it, they have been left alone – with social distancing group studies, attending group assessment classes, going to coaching institutes – everything has come to a stop. It hasn’t been easy and there are many out there who are feeling anxious. 

Here are some tips for all students who are battling great challenges and feeling nervous.  

Use the Time Productively

Time management is your key. When you are sitting at home, you might feel that you have all day to start your studies and so keep deferring it. However, you will realize that before you know, the day is over! Hence, make a schedule for yourself wherein you know which subject you will study for how many hours every day. Chalk out a plan and adhere to the timing. This is the key to your success. 

Choose What to Study Wisely

Yes, the syllabus is huge, and knowledge is a key factor in making you confident. Hence, don’t leave out chapters. Rather, for each subject know which ones to focus on more and which ones can be glanced over. Solving question papers of the last 10 years will give you an understanding of this. Get yourself a notebook where you can jot down important pointers for the last minute glancing over as well.

Master Online Studies

There are many out there who have used a computer for the first time. You might still not be too adept at it. So, spend this time mastering online studies. Sign up for online mock tests to get the hang of things and also make sure that your connectivity is proper and the apps being used for online work is up to date. When you take these mock tests online, you will also be able to assess if you are being able to finish the exams on time thus leaving time to revise the paper before submission.

Find Your Own Study Space

The home environment will not always be a calm and quiet one. There are others at home who will go about doing their work. This might create disturbance for you. Hence, try to find a space where you can do your studies quietly with as little distance as possible. Keep this space tidy and see that it has proper lighting so as to reduce the eye strain that all the screen time is causing. 

Stay Calm

Yes, you still don’t know the examination dates and the uncertainty is making your very anxious. It is understandable. However, this is beyond your control so don’t let yourself feel so stressed. Instead, exercise regularly and practice some medication. This will keep you healthy, your mind active, make you feel calm, and also improve your concentration level. 

Don’t Study all the Time

Yes, studying and finishing revision work on time is important. However, don’t try to study all the time. Your mind needs a breather. So, while sitting at the house, find ways to relax. You can read books, listen to music, cook in the kitchen, write a diary/journal, paint, or any other thing that will help in destressing. However, do not indulge in more screen time when you are relaxing as this will put greater strain on your eyes. 

Advice for Parents

These times are undoubtedly a tough one and adjusting to the new normal has not been an easy one. It is but natural for the young aspirants to feel a little overwhelmed. So, as the adult – the parent or the teacher – be around for them so that they can reach out to you. Keep the communication on so that they don’t go into a shell and try and address their issues and tensions. If you are around to deal with their anxiety, they are sure to be able to face their board examination of 2021 with greater confidence.

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