Creating Future Leaders: Mount Litera Zee School, Barh’s New School Integrated Program

Mount Litera Zee School, Barh has built a unique school integration program that focuses on making connections for students. Thus, allowing them to engage in meaningful activities. 

Researches have shown that students show higher signs of retention inside integrated classrooms. They can relate more closely to the content and make real-world connections. Teachers have the challenge to create fun and meaningful tasks that help students connect to information. 

Three Categories of Integrated Curriculum

There are basically three approaches to integration:

  • Multidisciplinary
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Transdisciplinary

Let’s take a brief look at these three categories and how they offer a holistic solution. 

The Multidisciplinary Curriculum

You can see from the above diagram that this approach primarily focuses on the discipline. All the subjects are bound by a common theme. There are many ways to create a multidisciplinary curriculum. Teachers can fuse different approaches like knowledge and attitudes into the regular school program. Fusion will evolve basic skill sets and inculcate positive work habits. Modern classrooms are also integrating different courses with computer skills focusing on each subject area. 

As the best school in Barh, we have also devised a unique theme-based approach that is independent of the school schedule. Teachers group students into separate units and assign them a performance task. These groups need to present on the final day. Several benefits of this methodology were observed. For instance:

  • Excellent on-task approach
  • Complete understanding of topics as a result of sustained interest
  • Positive participation of both teachers and students
  • Use of modern technology like power slides, video, and sculpture during the presentation

The Interdisciplinary Approach

In this approach, teachers organize courses around common learning centers. They take out the common themes included in different subjects and present them through concepts. This approach helps students to learn generic skills like research, writing, design, and construction apart from their academic courses. 

The Transdisciplinary Approach

In this approach, for integration, teachers organize courses around questions that have been asked by students. This approach helps students to acquire life skills through project-based learning modules. Teachers and students select a topic based on relevant study interests and course standards. The teachers provide resources to the students and help them generate questions. Students share their work and the project is reviewed by teachers. 

Blending Integrated Classrooms with Information Technology

It’s essential to effectively blend integrated classrooms with information technology for leveraging digital innovation. Here is a list of a few principles that Mount Litera Zee School follows in creating a techno-learning space. 

  • Technology is being used in areas where system capacity is poor and there are gaps in student learning. A user-friendly technology helps to allocate tasks, connect students, assimilate information, improve school infrastructure, and support data-driven policies.
  • Technology has been used to enhance the knowledge of students and develop a holistic approach to study. This includes numeracy, information literacy, and independent learning skills.
  • Using technology supplies reliable data for meticulous planning, financial management, and improving school facilities. It also provides information about existing faculty and supports overall student learning.
  • Teachers are the most important group for student development. Technology simplifies the task for teachers by developing qualified projects.
  • Mount Litera Zee School has been able to develop a solid support plan using technology. Technology has also helped in developing need-based study plans which have been reflected in our brilliant Class X results this year.

Starting on a new path of change involves the use of modern systems and challenges the existing facilities. Mount Litera Zee School has been a pioneer in introducing e-learning facilities and developing a robust school integration program for students. Visit our website  to learn more.

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