Secondary School

The Secondary School Programme

ADuring this stage of Education, the main objective is to hone the knowledge and skills gained at the Middle school.

This phase of schooling aims at heading towards the growing impetus of every student. We lay stress on encouraging curiosity, stimulating intellect & rationalizing their thinking. The curriculum is so formulated as to prepare them to meet & accept the challenges of life. The expert faculty deals with the core academic subjects and provides the students with the latest & updated information.

Students at the stage are ready to make choices based on their liking, aptitude and skill. The entry into the Higher Secondary Program is based on all these.

We aim to prepare our children to be healthy and active with a passion for developing their physical abilities and to achieve high standards and high levels of attainment in academics, and extra-curricular activities.

We understand the importance of competitions for the children especially as they progress and develop through the school. For this reason, all the students are divided into four clubs and four houses and they are given opportunities to compete in Inter-house Competitions, in a wide variety of sports, debates, dances and music, art, dramatics etc. Every child has the opportunity to compete in Inter-house Competitions against other children in the school. It is important that as our children grow and develop into the future, they understand the important role that competitions have for them in developing and maintaining their health and well being.

The learner is equipped with ‘learning skills’ and is ready to move on to the Higher Secondary School programme