Student Council


With a view to encouraging student’s participation in democratic processes in the school, a Student Council is constituted in the school. The elections for membership of the Student Council is conducted at the beginning of the academic session.

Aims & Objectives

  • To liaise and bridge the communication gap for effective exchange of information between the students & school administration.
  • To communicate student’s views, concerns and opinions to the school administration, for enhancing the quality of life and overall improvement of various activities, academic programmes, services and facilities in the school campus.
  • To promote widespread student participation in all spheres of school activities with a view to nurturing qualities of leadership, camaraderie, team spirit & co-operative learning and sharpening skills of interpersonal relationship, problem-solving & organizing ability.
  • To represent the overall interests of students in the school and endeavour to promote their general welfare.
S No. Designation Name Class
1 Head Boy Utkarsh Abhijeet X – Daffodils
2 Head Girl Vaishnavi Kashyap X – Daffodils
3 Asst Head Boy Abhishek Kumar IX – Daffodils
4 Asst Head Girl Suhani Sharma IX – Daffodils
5 Discipline Committe Head Tanu Shri IX – Daffodils
6 Discipline Committe Asst Sana Parveen IX – Iris
7 Sports Captain Uma Dayal IX – Daffodils
8 Vice Sports Captain Arpita Raj VIII – Daffodils
9 Cultural Secretary Komal Sharma X – Daffodils
10 Asst Cultural Secretary Protham Agarwal IX – Daffodils

House Council / Senate (2017 – 2018)

Mahatma Gandhi House – Green

S No. Designation Name Class
1 Captain Pragya Singh X – Daffodils
2 Vice Captain Adarsh Raj VIII – Daffodils

Christopher Columbus House – Blue

S No. Designation Name Class
1 Captain Riya Kumari IX – Daffodils
2 Vice Captain Shreyash Ranjan VIII – Daffodils

Leonardo Da Vinci House – Red

S No. Designation Name Class
1 Captain Aryan Kumar IX – Iris
2 Vice Captain Suraj Kumar VIII – Iris

Albert Einstein House – Ochre

S No. Designation Name Class
1 Captain Chrandramanu Poddar IX – Iris
2 Vice Captain Tushar Ranjan VIII – Iris